How does a visitor qualify for your services?

They must be a continental United States or international visitor with a round-trip airline ticket with the intent to visit Hawai‘i for less than 60 days to qualify for our services.

What can you do for the visitor?

The Visitor Aloha Society is a temporary lifeline to provide initial assistance until you can contact family and friends at home. It is not a long-term provider or insurance provider.

Do you advance cash?

No, we do not give out cash, but we can provide temporary services to address the visitor’s immediate needs.

How do you know when a visitor has had an unfortunate incident?

Usually, the Visitor Aloha Society works closely with law enforcement and health care officials and members of the tourism industry who contact our office.

How long will you provide services for the visitor?

We are a short-term emergency agency, and most visitors are able to receive family support or obtain other resources in a day or two.

Will you provide a round-trip ticket to Hawaii or return ticket home?

No, we do not pay for Hawaii vacations or provide return airfare.

What services do you offer?

We are a temporary lifeline to provide initial assistance with complimentary services that may include:

  • Moral support
  • Translation assistance
  • Assistance with funeral arrangements
  • Assistance with hotel accommodations

While we do the best we can to assist visitors, we cannot guarantee that all services will be available at all times. All of our services are complimentary.

What services do you NOT offer?

We are unable to provide the following services and items:

    • Cash
    • Airfare
    • Reimbursement for lost or stolen jewelry, electronic equipment, or damage to cars
    • Medical expenses (these are the responsibility of the visitors or their families)
    • Funeral expenses
    • The cost for caregivers or babysitters
    • Legal, consumer, or financial advice

If you are looking for assistance outside the State of Hawaii, please contact Travelers Aid International.